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Key findings and recommendations from our study on the progress made towards executive pay simplification in the UK market.

Key findings and recommendations from our study on executive pay simplification in the UK market.

Detailed research data and findings from our study on executive pay simplification in the UK market.


Response to the BEIS Committee’s post pandemic economic growth super inquiry

Response to the post-pandemic economic growth super inquiry and the role purpose can play in the recovery.

Response to the FRC consultation on the proposed revision to the UK Stewardship Code

A suggested framework of principles and provisions for the Stewardship Code, shifting the emphasis from reporting to outcomes.

Submission to BEIS Committee Inquiry

Our evidence to the BEIS Committee Inquiry on Executive Pay.

Response to the FRC Stewardship Code pre-consultation questions

Response to the pre-consultation on the role of stewardship and key enhancements required to the Stewardship Code.

Response to the FRC consultation on proposed revisions to UK Corporate Governance Code

How the Proposed Code could be sharpened to align with Purpose and value-creating stakeholder relationships.

Strengthening board accountability for alignment of wider pay policy

Principles and recommendations on how boards can discharge their accountabilities for wider pay policy.

FRC’s review of the UK Corporate Governance Code

How to update the 2016 Corporate Governance Code to place Purpose at the heart of UK business.

FRC’s review of corporate reporting

Key factors in guidance to support better reporting of intangibles, stakeholder value and purpose.


The Purpose Tapes – Purpose driven leaders in their own words

Fourteen CEOs set out why they believe profit follows purpose

Dividend policy in purposeful companies

Thoughts on dividend policies in purposeful companies.

Intrinsic purpose

Our definition of Intrinsic Purpose.

The need for an integrated regulatory approach to stewardship 

Recommendations on bringing together strands of regulation and oversight to create a coherent system-wide approach to stewardship.

Review of the UK Stewardship Code thoughts for change

A summary of the academic evidence on stewardship and implications for Stewardship Code reform.

Executive remuneration report

Best academic evidence on executive pay levels, making the case for simplified executive pay.

Policy report

Policy manifesto for corporate governance and ecosystem change to support purposeful companies.

Interim report

Academic evidence relating to purposeful companies and to the case for pursuing purpose.

Please note: The views expressed in the above reports are those of the Steering Group having taken input from Task Force members and contributors. The Steering Group is operating in a personal capacity as authors and the views expressed here may not be taken to represent the perspective of their organisations. While all Task Force and Steering Group members subscribe to the aims and goals of TPC, membership of the Task Force cannot be taken to represent an endorsement of every specific policy recommendation.