Task Force

Task force members

Task Force members are central to The Purposeful Company’s goal of mobilising change and transforming UK business conditions to encourage companies to be more purposeful, and deliver long-term value creation.

Why become a Task Force member?

Influence the debate

Being a Task Force member provides a great opportunity to input into the debates that will shape potential policy initiatives.

Join us at our exclusive regular dinners at the Bank of England to discuss progress to date on our policy objectives and to shape our areas of focus for the future.

Learn from others

It provides an opportunity to network and learn from like-minded peers and advocates who believe in the value of purpose and to receive briefings on policy developments from Steering Group Committee members.

Amplify your voice through collaboration

Add your voice to those of other advocates, and have a role in shaping and attending relevant convening events to facilitate change.

Be part of innovative research

Contribute your knowledge, experience and perspective to leading research pieces that support change.

Want to find out more or to join the Task Force?

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    What do our Task Force members think of The Purposeful Company

    When it comes to social purpose, TPC is a kind of sat-nav, driving coach and high-spec turbocharge all rolled into one.  The team develops evidence-based policy, provides a useful sense-check to companies and offers constructive encouragement.  I look forward to them doing even more in the future!

    - Liv Garfield, CEO Severn Trent

    Purpose is at the heart of any great organization – at Infosys, we have been focused on our purpose but also in learning from other organizations and doing our bit to promote best practise and research in this space. The Purposeful Company initiative helps us understand and refine our thinking and allows us to contribute to the growth of other like-minded organizations.

    - Mohit Joshi President Infosys

    The Purposeful Company, has and will continue to play a key role in encouraging companies to become more stakeholder focused through the rigorous research and analysis it does influencing key policy makers and other industry participants. Companies need to be clear on what they are in business to do – their purpose – how they serve customers, develop employees and deliver on their social licence to operate. Doing so makes good business sense and positioned well gives the company every opportunity to perform well into the future. It is also so crucial to help the UK economy to thrive benefitting society and investors alike.

    - Saker Nusseibeh CEO Federated Hermes

    Who are our Task Force Members

    Please note that while all Task Force members subscribe to the aims and goals of The Purposeful Company, membership of the Task Force cannot be taken to represent an endorsement of every specific policy recommendation noted in the Reports.